VISA SERVICES: Visitor, tourist (by hotel reservation), scientific, business and work visas.

We offer this kind of service to those who intend to go abroad to visit relatives or friends, to relax, to attend a conference or to study; as well as for business or employment purposes. In this case a client provides us a documentary ground to apply for an entry clearance to a country - invitation, hotel reservation, offer of employment or, as in the U.S.A., conformable forms from the Immigration and Naturalization Service. Our experience here counts from May 1995. We work with all the Embassies in Moscow except Germany Embassy (you can apply for an entry clearance to this country personally at Germany Consulate General in Novosibirsk). We have vast experience in working with the U.S.A. Embassy. Here we apply for the majority of visas, including Exchange Visitor visas (J visas) and Employment visas (H and L visas).