Immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Skilled worker, family immigration to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We provide full service starting with initial consultation and up to departure from Russia.
  • professional evaluation of chances
  • exhaustive information about the immigration process
  • completion of the required documents
  • advising of English language requirements and providing IELTS preparation tips
  • training for the interview at the Canadian Embassy and Australian Embassy
  • consulting on the questions of medical examination
  • international health insuring
  • assistance in purchasing airline tickets at favorable rates
  • pick-up arrangements at the airport of entry, assistance in adaptation.
Permanent Residence in Czech Republic (long-term visas)

We have been working in this field since April 1999. We assist in registration of a company including license acquisition, receive long-term visas for our clients. We work together with reliable partners in Czech Republic.